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Moving Forward - Serve

Have you ever wondered how a church functions week to week? Who makes it happen? The answer is simple. Volunteers do. Sure, we have paid office staff and a paid leadership team, but the majority of what makes the church flourish is the remarkable support we get from our committed volunteers.

The Volunteering Difference

Volunteers make 85% of our Sunday morning service possible.
Volunteering is more than just about giving free hours and skills.
Our volunteers love serving.

Volunteering is Fun

We realize that it is a privilege and a blast to serve together. How is it fun? Serving is fun because individuals with unique strengths and talents come together to make a difference; it brings them and others joy. Here at CLC we believe that each person is most suited for a particular area that will make the most difference and use his or her strengths rather than draining him or her of them.

Determining Your Strengths

Take a Spiritual Gift Survey - please pick up a survey at the Welcome Center on Sunday morning. Or contact our office at to have a survey emailed to you.

Let us Know You Interests - Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of CLC's various departments. Which one stands out to you? Where could you see yourself fitting best? Please check an area that interests you so that we can follow up to help you get involved where you feel most comfortable.