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Moving Forward - Grow

Do you crave more than the status quo? Are you tired of an average life with mundane weekly schedules? We know the feeling. People are not created to be stuck; they're created to grow and improve. If you're feeling stuck you are not alone! Each one of us has the exact same needs, and that's why, here at Covenant Life, we stress Growth.


If you want to grow into a deeper understanding of who God is and what the means for your life, we know of a great book for you to start with - the Bible. If you don't have a Bible, we want to gift you with one. Please email the church office at if you'd like a Bible. We will give you one at the next Sunday service.


Reading the Bible is a great way to start or continue your pursuit of God, but it is not the only way you can learn. Sometimes it is nice to have some assistance understanding the giant Bible and breaking it down into more manageable chunks. We recommend this method - S.O.A.P.

What you will need - A Bible, computer, pen & notebook.

Here are the simple steps you can do each day:

S - Scripture

Open your Bible and read a chapter for the day. underline what stands out to you. Maybe it's one verse; maybe it's 5 verses. Each day will be different. Once you find something that stands out to you, write it down in your notebook.

O - Observation

Take a moment to reflect on what this scriptures means. What do you think God is saying in this scripture? What does it mean? Don't worry, you don't have to get it perfect. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you from this scripture.

A - Application

This is where you personalize your observation. How could it help you in your day? What can you learn from it right now? Maybe it's just to be encouraged in your day/week/life. Maybe it's instructing you to make different choices in your relationships or actions. Write down how this scripture can apply to you today.

P - Prayer

This part is simple. You get to ask God to use this scripture in your life. Maybe you need to understand it better - just ask! You will need God's support in applying this scripture to your life. This is where you have the conversation with God to ask for it. Now, write it out.

As you use this method to deepen your understanding of the Bible and of God, you will learn far more than you can even know now. The Bible is not meant to trick or overwhelm us, but to bless us. As you write your daily notes down, each day you will find that God answers the prayers from times before. This journal will remind you of all that you have learned and how much you have grown.