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Missionaries - Collins and Jessica Alinaitwe

The Ugandan Water Project works to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene resources to communities in Uganda. You can make an immediate, cost-effective, and tangible difference as we work together to implement relational solutions that empower Ugandans to live the lives they were created for.

Collins & Jessica's Bio
Collins and I met in the summer of 2008 in Kampala, Uganda. Both of us were working with street children, and met through mutual friends. (I happened to meet James Harrington on his first trip to UG in August 2008, through Derek.) Between 2008-2010, Collins and I became friends with James and Christy- as UWP began to grow, we would connect with each team they brought, and had the opportunity to help explain and explore various aspects of working cross-culturally in Uganda.

Two years later, August 2010, Collins and I were married in NY. We felt strongly that we needed to live in NY for the first year of our marriage, but that God would eventually lead us back to Uganda. In 2013 we felt God beginning to move our hearts to pursue a return to UG and as plans began to take shape we committed to joining UWP's Uganda staff full time in 2014.

Collins fills the role of Project Manager for the Ugandan Water Project. He oversees the preparation, installation, and finalizing of every project. He manages a crew of 5-12 men who do the skilled work (plumbing, masonry, gutter hanging), and he is the liaison between the UWP office/staff and the recipient communities. Some days this looks like meetings in offices in Kampala with representatives of other organizations we partner with; sometimes it is troubleshooting mechanical issues with government officials in regards to broken pumps; sometimes it is completing financial reports or data collection surveys; sometimes it is carrying bricks to assist his crew install a rainwater system, or pulling pipes to repair a defunct well. We commit to living out every day our faith in Christ- not just through providing a practical service, but by doing so in a transparent, honest, humble manor, not bowing to the pressures of corruption and self-gain that are far too prevalent in Uganda.

I (Jessica) am the Team Host for UWP. Our family lives on the UWP compound (consisting of 2 houses and a set of dorm rooms, which also houses the UWP Uganda Offices), and I oversee the maintenance of the property and am responsible for the compound staff (3 security guards and a housekeeper). I also am the main contact for any teams coordinated by UWP, or visitors/donors that are connected directly to UWP- arranging transport to/from the airport, all accommodations and meals while in UG, vehicles, drivers, site visits and communication. One of the greatest blessings of hosting groups who are interested in our work for various reasons is the opportunity we have to take the tangible, practical, hopeful work of bringing clean water to communities and share the underlying passion and reason that our family is dedicated to this work- our Hope in Jesus Christ, and the true, everlasting life that He alone can give.

Collins and I have 3 children that we absolutely delight in: Corbin (1st grade), Caleb (kindergarten), and Namara Grace. We homeschool our children, and they have the opportunity to be directly involved in the work part of our lives very regularly.