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For Children

If you haven't noticed already, we love children! Because we know parents are rightfully concerned about having a safe and enjoyable environment in which their children learn about God, we’ve established a solid nursery and children’s ministry.

Nursery care is available anytime during worship or the service for infants and toddlers 0-3 years. After worship, children ages 4-7 and 8-12 are dismissed to Junior Church (downstairs) for a time of fun and instruction during the second half of the service.

Nursery (Ages 0-3)

Nursery care is available anytime during worship or the service for infants and toddlers 0-3 years. The nursery is located outside the santuary just off the foyer.

Junior Church, Beta Classroom (Ages 4-7)

All-In-One Sunday School by Group Publishing. Bible-based programs full of creative ideas for kids ages with Bible lessons your kids will love. Each lesson comes complete with:

Active-learning experiences - to catch kids' interest and teach them lessons they'll remember, Interactive Bible stories - to help even the youngest kids grasp the real meaning of Scripture, Life applications - to encourage children to use what they’ve learned, Take-home handouts - so children can share what they've learned with their families, And more - including tips to help you better understand kids!

Junior Church, Alpha Classroom (Ages 8-12)

What Does the Bible Say About That? In this exciting new worldview curriculum for children, author Kevin Swanson presents the very basics of a Biblical worldview for children. At some point, every child needs to see the "forest from the trees." This introduction to a biblical worldview will help kids make sense of the world around them, and it shows them the big picture of God's truth in the Bible.

Presented in a simple, engaging way, this study guide provides a basic introduction to truth, ethics, origins, causality, anthropology, sociology, family, church, civil government, education, economics, defense, crime, and charity. Workbook assignments, games, puzzles, and more are included at the end of each chapter.