Love God. Treasure People.

Developing healthy families and singles in a biblical worldview, to then release them into their God-given callings.

About Us

We’re a multi-generational Church passionate about worshipping God.


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Our Mission

Love God in all that we do
Treaure people as Jesus does
Reach our region for Christ

Our main objectives are to foster a welcoming environment for all to “come as they are”; reach all people through love and service as Jesus taught and did; build and live generationally in all endeavors, in a way that can be reproduced here, and in our outreaches; develop healthy families and singles in a biblical worldview, to then release them into their God-given callings.



We are a multi-generational church passionate about worshipping God in all that we do.


We know that visiting a new church, any new church, can be an uncomfortable experience. What do I wear? How do I get there? What’s available for my kids? What should I expect from the service? We want to clear away some of those questions so you are free to experience a great time of worship and communion with our Lord and His people.

Because we know parents are rightfully concerned about having a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn about God, we’ve established a solid nursery and children’s ministry.

And because we know adults want more than just a Sunday morning ‘spiritual high’ our services are designed to provide practical messages that are a careful balance between the Spirit and the Word, that help you cope with real life issues. Our worship is passionate and celebratory, interspersed with prayer and intercession. Not to sound too clichéd, but when you are here, you are family!

CLC Staff

The vibrant staff here at CLC brings passion and purpose to our ministry, uplifting and supporting the congregation with genuine care and enthusiasm.


We share insightful reflections, offering readers a source of spiritual nourishment and guidance in their journey of faith.

Upcoming Events

From vibrant gatherings to soul-stirring worship nights, the calendar at Covenant Life Church is brimming with upcoming events designed to foster deeper connections, ignite faith, and inspire hearts to flourish.

What We Believe

What We Believe

Our tenets of faith